Amanda partners up with Alzheimers Disease Resource Center to host virtual musical concerts for seniors in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Created at the onset of Covid-19, Amanda wanted to help bring meaningful entertainment to seniors who were isolated in nursing homes. It was a perfect way to keep the music playing. She coordinates young performers K-12 to donate their time and talents. The concerts allow musicians to continue performing, and at the same time make an impact on the community around them. The videos are shared with over 200 local nursing homes and bring sunshine and smiles to seniors throughout Long Island. Partnerships expanded to include Alzheimer Dementia Center on Long Island and The Bristol Living Facilities, all allowing for wide distribution of concerts (20019-2022)

Post Covid in person performances began summer 2021! Contact  AmandaSwickle@gmail.com  to get involved in future performances or if you're a senior center that would like to have us perform!